What can I do with 34 egg yolks?

If you want to make albumen print you need albumen. To make 500 ml of egg white you need 34 eggs. After separation you have 34 yolks. The question is: «What can I do with 34 egg yolks?» Surely, a lot of cream, pies, and many books dealing with albumen prints are plenty of recipes for sweets But 34 are still too many. Consider further that you can't eat only sweets and some salad dish could be a good choice.

So there follow a couple of recipes to preserve yolks (a recipe signed by a great italian chef) or to employ them for a vigorous home made pasta, the recipe of which comes from northern Italy (Tajarin 30 tuorli). If you are those kind of guy who can’t avoid to try the drunkenness of All-Alt processes and disdain purchasing pure white egg in a supermarket, you can take advantage from this solution to store the yolks and to amaze your friends.

Carlo Cracco’s marinated egg

This recipe holds the signature of a great Italian chef, with which you can make an awesome impression with salad dishes. (Difficulty and cost forgettable).

  1. Mix in equal parts cooking salt and granulated sugar (to reduce an excessive salty taste).uovo marinato figura1
  2. Pour a part of this mixture in a pottery, filling the bottom. Lay down the yolk with care. Cover with other sugar and salt, starting the process.uovo marinato figura2
  3. After 4-5 hours (it depends upon relative humidity) the yolk becomes tough and firm outside, but is still creamy inside. Wonderful for mixed salads, in place of hard-boiled egg.
  4. Going further, over 10-12 hours the yolk is became rubbery, perfect to be used for egg pasta, to make lasagna or noodles…
  5. Kept out of the salt and sugar mix, the yolk can be washed under running water and put in a bin or a can where the air can circulate.

    uovo marinato figura 3

Over the days it shrinks and corrugates, because it loses more and more humidity, until dry.

uovo marinato figura4

In 14-15 days you obtain a dry yolk which can be hold for time and be grated or sliced in many different dishes.Hold in a dry and fresh place.

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Tajarin 30 tuorli

This is a traditional but not diffuse egg based fresh pasta coming from Piedmont, in Italy and is made with 30 yolks in a Kilogram of common flour (plus salt and water)

Pour the flour, make a hole to receive water and eggs, and knead the dough until you have reached an even, soft, rubbery mixture, as for usual press pasta. Using a rolling pin, make a phyllo dough 1 mm height. Let it seat and dry for 15 min and then cut it into tagliatelle, either by hand (preferred in all-alt processes) or using a wire drawing machine. Let them dry for 3-4 hours in a dry place, over a cloth, eventually using some flour to prevent sticking.

Ready to be cooked, this pasta has a strong, velvety, exquisite taste,  and asks to sauced with delicate, fresh and precious ingredients. Typically, truffle and mushrooms (porcini!).

butter, 100 g

truffle (Alba white truffle) 30 g

2 dried or fresh porcini, in thin slices


mince the truffle in small pieces and combine with the softened butter

cook the "tamìjarin 30 tuorli" in salted water for 4 minutes, then put in a saucepan, with 2 spoons of the cooking water. Add the butter and the mushrooms and toss the pasta in this sauce for a couple of minutes, untile the water and butter are well mixed. Serve and eat.