My name is

Giorgio Bordin

I was born and grew up in Novara in 1958, where I graduated in medicine, and worked in the main hospital of the city, in the division of Internal medicine. Specialized in Internal medicine, Immunology and Rheumatology, I moved my work to Milan in 2000, and further to Parma, in 2005, where now I’m living.

Being a doctor has been a dream since my childhood, and now that I’m doing this job I verify that it is as beautiful as rewarding. If I could go back, I would do the same choice.

But along with this dream, when I think to myself as a child, I see me with a pencil in my hand. I spent all my time drawing, and over the years I started doing watercolor painting, and making etchings. Watercolor allowed me to go around and steal what I see, into pocket booklets which I get with me everywhere.

My parents’ economical resources were limited, so during my boyhood there was no way to have more expensive hobbies, like photograph. I asked a reflex camera as a gift for my graduation, and I started shooting films, but development and printing was beyond my means. Digital era came when I already had a family of my own, and I gradually started the art of digital images management, while learning also to make computer graphic and desktop publishing. Everything was for me the ever-changing face of the way my eyes could explore the world around me.

But in the last ten years, I turned back to analogic photograph that I had always loved but never married. Gradually going back in the history of photograph, I discovered the large format view cameras, and started to contact print my negatives with old photographic techniques, beginning with platinotype, and moving to vanDyke brown, Cianotype, Kallitype, and later to wet plate collodion, salted paper, albumen print, aristotype, calotype.

The all-alt processes allowed me to manage the whole production chain and to experience the rewarding of being a craftsman, having fun with rummaging, making my hand dirty, and waiting for the outcome trembling each time as if it was the first. Some kind of magic happens at every print or every shot.

Wet plate collodion has become the main technique I am practicing now. Because of one of the many mistakes I’ve made while enjoying this beautiful process I also discovered and set up a kind of new technique in wet plate collodion positives which I call the ambluetype. If you want, I can tell you how to do. It's easy and fun.